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Jon Kabat Zinn

Featured November 2020

An inspiring book that explains the concepts of mindfulness and its universal benefits.  The author maps out a simple path for cultivating mindfulness and awakening us to the unique possibilities of each present moment. 

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Brene Brown

Featured June 2020

A book that explores what underlies our drive for perfection.  I loved her down to earth writing and the honesty around her own vulnerabilities.  She describes “hustling for worthiness” and “comparison as the theft of happiness”.  

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Charles Mackesy

Featured July 2020

A simply stunning book with beautiful illustrations that really bring the charming characters to life.  A story about love, trust and friendship that will capture your heart and resonate with your very soul.  A true keepsake. 

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Alison Blackler

Featured August 2020

Alison takes us on a path of self discovery examining our beliefs and habitual patterns, explaining how these can shape or lives.   Each chapter examines an area of personal development and includes useful activities which encourage us to dig deep, reflect and move forward. 

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Kristin Neff

Featured September 2020

A book that challenges our thinking on compassion and the role it can play in our lives.  A fascinating insight into personal growth with some interesting self reflection exercises.   


Choden, Heather Regan Addis

MBLC Course Book

This takes the reader through the full Mindfulness Based Living Course beginning with the basics of mindfulness, the importance of compassion & finally touching on Insight.  A great exploration of mindfulness combining experiential learning and theory.  

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Carol S Dweck

Featured October 2020

A fascinating insight into how our mindset impacts our approach to life's successes and failures.   This interesting book encourages us to consider how our sense of self gets attached to expectations of success and even perfectionism.

Book Reviews

These are our top reads if you are interested in mindfulness and self development.  We subscribe to the Amazon Affiliates program so for many of the titles below we receive 5% commission when you click  through our site.  By purchasing in this way you are supporting our small business.  Thank You.  Buy Now opens up

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