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Thu, 11 May


Thursday Evening Online Via Zoom

Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness

Find out how mindfulness can support your emotional balance, providing real solutions for stress and anxiety, or that constant chatter in the mind.

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Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness
Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness

Time & Location

11 May 2023, 18:30 – 19:30

Thursday Evening Online Via Zoom

About the Event

What is Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety occur when the fear response system, our natural defence is triggered.  Under normal circumstances the brain assesses the threat level and everything resets.  Sometimes however, the mind begins analysing the situation and can begin creating stories around the event.  This can prolong our exposure to the defense system and if we begin ruminating on situations or rehearsing scenarios in advance, we can keep the fear response on high alert unncessarily.  At this point, the chemicals of stress can take over and things begin to feel a little bit out of control. We may even feel like we can't trust ourselves to be in situations without losing our temper or breaking down.  This gives us yet one more thing to worry about.

You CAN turn this around

When we try to resolve our stress or anxiety we get caught up in the head, coming up with solutions that seem impossible to implement. We might change our circumstances only to find that the stress re-appears.  The mind seems to find new things to worry about.

Being Human

Although we believe we are in control of our minds, bodies, emotions and behaviour, some of our actions run on automatic pilot based on programs the brain created when we were very young.  The brain is like a muscle, so the more we practice these programs the stronger they become.  The brain doesn't care if the programs are helpful or not and if we're not aware of the inner workings of our mind, we don't really notice.  The mind has a powerful influence on our emotions and our energy.

When we experience stress, the body tries very hard to return us to a state of emotional balance.  Therefore if we are stressed continually the body is working on high alert, which is physically and mentally expensive.  At the same time the body is fighting to return us to balance.  All of this can take it's toll over time impacting our sleep, our mood, our immune system and eventually can lead to burn out. 

Our Approach

Our 21 day course is designed to tackle stress on a number of levels:-

  • Easy to use tools will show you how to calm down the nervous system
  • The tools are easy to adapt to any situation
  • The course explains the science of stress and if you love to know how things work, this can be a great motivator for starting to interrupt the patterns of stress 
  • As we get into the program, the techniques work on the mind neurologically rewiring the programs that influence the stress response
  • The material is based on over 40 years of research, harnessing techniques used in companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft
  • The material is all video based and consists of 30 minute sessions that are followed for 21 days.  These are provided on a digital platform, also accessible via an App.
  • Each week we meet for an hour within a small group of 6 people (max) to discuss the course material and ask any questions 
  • The weekly sessions are over zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of home
  • The course leader has masters degrees in mindfulness; a masters and B.A Hons in I.T and with over 25 year Corporate experience is well versed with the complexities of working in a high pressured environment.


  • The course is followed on the App and requires 30 minutes per day for 21 days
  • Each week there is an hours group session to raise questions.  This is optional so if you prefer to work at your own pace, you can discuss this at the time of booking.

Course Fees

Online Course £395

Weekly Sessions £60

Monday drop in session one month's access £32

Monthly Subscription to the App £10.00

Total Cost: £497.00 HALF PRICE IF BOOKED DURING APRIL £248.50

Additional Offer

At the end of the four week course, access to the digital platform will be provided for £10.00 per month.  This will also include a new 21 day challenge (usually £45), which takes 10 minutes per day and a relaxation program (usually £35).    

Reviews - These are the course reviews but you are welcome to check out our reviews on Google

James (I.T Tech Lead)

I was really sceptical about the concept but I've been surprised by how effective it's been.  The first week gave me techniques I could apply instantly.  Although I found some of the practices difficult, I left the course able to tune into techniques that help me manage stress.  I no longer feel like my stress is out of control.  It's improved my sleep and overall I feel less on edge.

Elisabeth (Pharmaceuticals Student)

I absolutely loved the theory of the mind and found it so fascinating.   I used the techniques to manage my day but also followed the practices when I felt overwhelmed.  I don't think I could have got through exam season without it.  Thank you Julie.

Heather (NHS worker)

I knew my stress was out of control but couldn't face joining a group.  It took a couple of sessions to get into, but I'm so glad I did it.  After a few days I started to notice my reactions to situations and to begin taking a step back.


  • Manage Stress & Anxiety

    Half price offer during April. Learn how to manage stress and anxiety more effectively and get your emotions back under control. This 21 day course includes step by step videos that are easy to follow and accessible via our App. The price also includes access to 2 weekly zoom calls.

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