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New dates
June & July

"A two hour escape to take time out and learn how mindfulness can help you to balance your emotional system." 

Come and join us on this unique experience for just 4 people, learning about the power of mindfulness and how it can help us to keep our emotions on track.  Held at home in Wallasey.  

Refreshments included. 

10-12 pm


Dare to Lead Retreat
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A unique book and mindfulness retreat experience for just 15 people.

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It’s exhilarating when we’re in that zone so at peace with our lives that even challenges become fun.  Our mind is uncluttered and our laser sharp focus equips us to complete tasks effortlessly. The success of achievement releases endorphins feeding this cycle of contentment.

From this optimum state of mind it’s difficult to imagine the opposite side of the coin, stress and complete depletion. Stress doesn’t arrive announcing itself boldly it sneaks up through a series of seemingly minor events.  Our triggers may be unique but we will all experience the same physical response to stress, a release of adrenaline and cortisol providing us with the physiological resources to deal with whatever is arising for us. Ideally the stressful situation passes and our stress hormones subside returning us to a state of balance.

Unfortunately, if we get triggered frequently then the stress hormones don’t fully subside and continue to get topped up.  This can begin with us starting to feel slightly on edge and we become prone to being triggered. We might notice a building anger or irritation and develop a fear that we can’t hold everything together. This fear can result in us withdrawing socially leaving us feeling even more isolated.  

Our thoughts become cluttered and the mind loses its ability to prioritise and focus until eventually we feel hopeless. Many of us won’t notice the physical sensations as we’re permanently trapped in our heads but left unattended, eventually the physical strain becomes too much and we become exhausted.

After dealing with stress for over 25 years, I finally find some answers. If you find yourself trapped in this debilitating cycle and want to move on, then find out how Mind21 can give you the skills to tackle stress.

Living Mindfully
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Do you ever ruminate on a conversation or play through different scenarios in your mind?

Do you long for peace of mind or just a little more contentment?

Typically our busy minds have a life of their own and generate thoughts that stir up our emotions. 

We consider ourselves logical human beings but our powerful emotions impact our behaviour more than we realise and we're often at the mercy of automatic reactions.

Mindfulness based self awareness brings us closer to our experience and we learn to notice these patterns and become less consumed by them. When we change the dynamics of this inner world, it contributes to our sense of contentment and well being. 

These 9 week courses give you everything you need to work with your mind and your experience of life in a new way. A way that benefits you and those you are closest to. 

Just Breathe work with small groups of around 6 people face to face or over zoom, so click on the link below and see if there's a course date that works for you.

Course Fee: £250 - £300

Includes a Free Book & App.

Beautiful Journeys
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Take 30 minutes to look

after your well being with these 9 recorded visualisations.

Also helps sleep. 

Instant Access: £35.

21 Day Challenge
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Kick start your day & endorphins with these 10 minute meditations.

Can you complete it?

Instant Access: £45.

Monday Drop In 8pm
Balancing Rocks

Themed discussions & guided practices with like

minded people. 

£42 for 6 sessions. 

About Me
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I've been working around my own stress and burn out most of my life and for about 15 years I've been drawn to meditation but didn't really understand it, so just carried on regardless.


In 2018 I discovered it's effect on stress and attended the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course.  ​For the first time ever, I witnessed my own mind at rest.  A momentary break in the endless cycle of worry.


​I was absolutely hooked and went on to complete a masters degree at Aberdeen University.This gave me insight into the science of mindfulness and how it works on stress and our emotional system.​So I wrote Mind21.


I recognised that people don't want to admit to stress but also might be too busy to attend an 8 week course.​ So I took the material from a number of leading courses and chunked it into bite size presentations, that require a 30 minute commitment for 21 days. ​It works on 3 levels.1. Understanding the science and mechanics of stress & mindfulness encourages us to make different cognitive choices.2. Experiential mindfulness practices help to rewire our brain so we are better able to interrupt stress.3. As we are able to settle the mind, when we are ready, sometimes the underlying causes of our stress emerge.  Once we have seen them, they lose their power over us. Motivation, cognitive choice and practice combine to strengthen the affects of mindfulness.  For more information about the course and the research, click on Mind21 above.

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