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Perhaps you want to instigate change in your life but are not quite sure what that looks like or where to start.  Maybe you are blocked, stuck or feel worn out by the treadmill of the daily grind.  An individual program might be the way forward, if you want to collaborate on the direction of your program and prefer to work one to one rather than attending a group class.


All individual programs are based on mindfulness principles because it is through this practice that we begin to learn about ourselves and work with our true nature more effectively.  In this way we develop expertise of ourselves and can become the master of our own destiny.  There are no quick fixes but the techniques are accessible to all and overtime can lead to emotional resilience and improved well being. 


The small print

  1. An initial consultation is carried out and this is an opportunity for us both to assess whether we can work together successfully to achieve your outcomes.  

  2. There is no obligation, on either part, to continue with the program following the initial consultation.

  3. All programs are based on a combination of mindfulness and emotional intelligence theories.

  4. Practice is key to self development so clients must consider whether they can set an intention to practice for 10 - 30 minutes daily, 6 days per week.

  5. Programs generally run for a minimum of 6 sessions which can be paced weekly, fortnightly or monthly.   

  6. Example investment for a course run at your location over 6 visits is £750.00.  

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