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Immediate and lifetime access to mindfulness

Mindfulness Journeys for Relaxation

Mindfulness Journeys for Relaxation

Sometimes it's so difficult to switch off our mind and we may even find it difficult to rest. 

These mindfulness journeys are designed to help you take time out and settle those busy minds. 

With lifetime access, simply make yourself comfortable, turn up and press play.

Guidance is provided by Julie who is a qualified teaching member of the British Mindfulness Association and has a masters in mindfulness from Aberdeen University.  

Learn to meditate
in 21 days

Learning to meditate is one of the most powerful gifts we can give to our mind.  It improves our focus and leads to clear thinking, less emotional reactivity and better stress management.

Most people are put off because they think their minds have to be still but the reality is

all of our minds are busy most of the time.


This 21 day course teaches the skills and practice in  a daily 12 minute video.  Each day has a different theme packed with hints and tips to ensure you get the most from your practice.


Ideally followed in the morning because science indicates learning something new; meditating and achieving, all release endorphins.  What a fantastic start to the day. 

Includes FREE app download with lifetime access to the course.   

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Stress Management - Mind21

Stress is so frequently referred to, we no longer take it seriously.  It can leave us feeling out of control, irritable, emotional and anxious.  It can interfere with our sleep and our immune system leaving us further depleted emotionally and physically. 

It's difficult to know where to turn, particularly when we're already under pressure but mindfulness provides a supportive approach to managing stress.


With first hand experience of stress for over 25 years, I was forced to take action when I burnt out.  Firstly, I discovered the techniques that helped me to switch off and then developed the skills to manage my stress. 

I wanted to create a course that helped people to manage stress without feeling overwhelmed by having one more responsibility.


Mind21 is simple and efficient video course that encourages constructive rest.   It takes 30 minutes per day for 21 days.  It combines an experiential practice that rewires our habits with subject knowledge that empowers us to take actions that manage the dynamics of stress.

This course can give you your life back.

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Mindful Moments Candle

When I was young my best friend gave me a sandalwood pen holder from her trip home to India.  I fell in love with its fragrance, only later learning of its calming powers.


So when it came to selecting a scent for our candle, sandalwood was an obvious choice.


Our beautiful candles ares hand made by the Liverpool Candle Company using soy wax and only the best fragrances.   Each 180g candle has a burn time of 40 hours.


A fusion of sandalwood, amber and a little hint of mandarin. 

We call it Mindful Moments.

Includes free Wirral delivery only. Email for other options.

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