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Mindfulness seems like a recent trend but Eastern cultures have experienced its benefits for thousands of years.  At Just Breathe Wirral we specialise in mindfulness and emotional resilience for well being.

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Here in the West we turn to science for guidance, tending to dismiss what we can't prove and yet who knew in the 1970s we'd be able to face time someone thousands of miles across the world, for free; in real time; and on a small phone.    So perhaps it's time to entertain the idea that not everything that is possible is fully described in science.  In fact, in the field of neuroscience, researchers are only just touching the surface when it comes to understanding the powers of the mind.

Despite it's name, mindfulness goes beyond our mind.  It's a way of coming to understand our entire experience as it arises in the present moment.  It encompasses our mind, body and emotions and gives us an appreciation of how they interact to create our experience.

It sounds simple doesn't it and the mechanics are.  The biggest challenge to mindfulness and indeed our personal well being is

our automatic pilot and our dominant thought patterns.  So mindfulness allows us to pause and observe our experience and develop the skills to choose how we respond.  This is why mindfulness is implicated in so many areas such as stress reduction; emotional intelligence; leadership; resilience and general well being. 

At Just Breathe Wirral Mindfulness, we're committed to continuous personal development through mindfulness.


What we offer grows continually.  So have a look around and feel free to message me with any questions or enquiries.

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"We know what we are but not what we may be"

William Shakespeare.


How do you really feel?

Stuck or worn out by a reactive pace of life; at a crossroads in your career or emotional life; wondering if this is it?


I've been there and it can be a real effort just getting through the day.  Other times we feel great but there's just that niggling doubt that we aren't really fulfilling our potential.


So I'm not here to sell you magic beans, because you already have them.

We are all born with the ability to be mindful,  but somewhere along the way it simply gets lost.

What does it involve?

Mindfulness is about getting in touch with who we are underneath all of those personas we adopt.  We start with self awareness and self knowledge and develop the skills to find out what is really going on for us, physically, emotionally and mentally.  It's not always easy to come to face to face with our characteristics so we learn to develop a healthy dose of self compassion.

What's in it for me?

Once we learn about the complex nature of our mind and emotions we're better able to work with them.  It's a proactive way to prevent stress related illnesses and develop a strong sense of emotional resilience.

We are all different but some of the common benefits of the practice are a calmer mind with less chatter or worry; a less critical approach, sharper mental focus and less reactivity.  Mindfulness can have a profound impact on our energy, our well being and even our relationships.   

Where do I go from here?

If you want a bit of a taster, then why not start with mindfulness Monday and see how you get on.

If you are interested in applying mindfulness to, emotional intelligence or stress management, and like to work independently, then MIND21 is a great option for you.   Initially a 21 day course, we've recently upgraded it to include the post course 21 day challenge and 9 relaxation journey.  You have lifetime access to some great materials and if you're considering a wellness strategy for your business, this is a great option as all material is pre-recorded.

If you'd prefer to learn in a group setting, why not consider the mindfulness based living course. 

If there is anything I can help you with, then please feel free to message me and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.

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Pharmaceuticals student,

"Your course is incredible - its been an insightful, emotional and life changing journey that will be continued indefinitely!

Working on Mind21 gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to understand my own mind better - like the way my mind wanders constantly and how I demonise myself with negative self talk. 


Throughout the 21 days, I really began to appreciate myself for what I do just to exist, and that in itself is incredible. 

The techniques I have learnt have given me a coping mechanism for when I'm feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety (case in point: exam season) and I feel unequivocally better for it. 

I am learning to be kinder to myself and to prioritise my mental health a little bit more, something I think we could all benefit from. 

Thank you Julie always."

Education Professional
Retreat Day

"The whole day was just incredible it exceeded all my expectations. The welcome, location, food, content, pace and overall experience was just incredible.


Julie’s pace led the group along seamlessly and the tasks were perfect. The mindfulness sessions were embedded into the day for maximum effect and I left with a just had a massage feeling of chillness and contentment.


Looking forward to the next retreat so much. Started my Easter holidays off perfectly. Thank you Julie.🙏"

Health Professional
Mind21 & MBLC

"I gained a deeper understanding of mindfulness with the ability to continue my practice going forward.


I would highly recommend Just Breathe Solutions if you are interested in learning more about mindfulness."

Education Professional

"Excellent course that challenges notions of what mindfulness is, while providing real tools to manage stress, worry and emotions. Mindfulness really is Skills for Life.

Julie is a wonderful teacher: knowledgeable and open about her own journey. She facilitates a warm and friendly atmosphere and is encouraging around all experiences."

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