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Thu, 02 Mar


Online - Learn from the comfort of home

Wirral Mindful Living Course (MBLC), Online Thursday 2nd March

Mindfulness can have a profound impact on our well being, career and relationships. It can change our lives when we come to understand how our inner world impacts our experience with everyone around us.

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Wirral Mindful Living Course (MBLC), Online Thursday 2nd March
Wirral Mindful Living Course (MBLC), Online Thursday 2nd March

Time & Location

02 Mar 2023, 19:00 – 21:00

Online - Learn from the comfort of home

About the Event

Mindfulness - coming to know how we're affected by our inner and outer experience. 

Whilst we like to think of ourselves as logical people, our emotions are extremely powerful and can influence our thoughts.  To quote Antonio Damsio "We are not thinking beings that feel but feeling beings that think".

Many of our thoughts are automatic and we have very little realisation of what the mind is up to.  Thoughts drive our emotions meaning when thoughts go unobserved we're at the mercy of our automatic reactions.  These fast reactions are crucial for keeping us safe, but an over cautious mind can leave us feeling on edge when there is no real danger.

Mindfulness based self awareness is a way of observing our experience without self judgement, so we are able to notice these patterns and become less driven or consumed by them.  We learn to get less caught up in this inner world experiencing  less stress or worry, improved sleep patterns and a stronger immune system.

We achieve this through practice, knowledge and personal insight and we begin to understand what fulfills us and what takes us off track. We gain greater emotional control and can shape our lives in a more purposeful way.

This changes the dynamics of our inner experience and contributes to our overall sense of well being.  We begin to experience more happiness in our lives and this brings benefits to ourselves and those we are closest to.

What is Mindfulness 

Mindfulness has been practiced within Eastern cultures for thousands of years and is becoming more popular in the West as scientific proof of its benefits emerge in the field of neuroscience.

Mindfulness is a way of being present that allows us to build awareness of our experience as it happens and in doing so begin to build a self knowledge that ultimately empowers us to get in touch with a more authentic sense of self.

It can begin to free us from the influences of stress and patterns of behaviour that do not serve us.  It's a powerful and unique experience that allows us to progress at our own pace, because we are all experts on ourselves and can all uncover this skill that already lies within us.

Mindful Living 8 week course. 

You'll learn how to:

  • take time out to support your well being
  • notice the messages in the body and tune into its wisdom
  • recognise the busy mind that chatters continually and learn how to settle it down
  • change the way you interact with thoughts, using the mind as the powerful tool it is
  • notice and nurture the voice of the inner critic
  • learn how kindness contributes to our well being through an understanding of how our emotional system is balanced
  • develop self compassion and the emotional resilience to deal with life's challenges 
  • practice techniques that rewire the brain through the power of neuroplasticity
  • work with the edges of your experience to bring a greater sense of fulfillment into your life.

 Course Format 

  • The course comprises 8 sessions which are 1.5 to 2 hours long.
  • The course runs over zoom 
  • Week by week, you'll learn about the power of  mindfulness and gain the benefits of being guided by our experienced practitioner as we explore different topics.
  • All sessions include guided practices that train the self awareness that underpins self knowledge.
  • A free app is provided to support a recommended daily practice of around 20 minutes.
  • There is an opportunity to discuss your experience in a safe and supported group 
  • The course includes certification from the British Mindfulness Association, a gateway to further training if required.

What our customers are saying..


"Excellent course that challenges notions of what mindfulness is, while providing real tools to manage stress, worry and emotions. Mindfulness really is Skills for Life.

Julie is a wonderful teacher: knowledgeable and open about her own journey. She facilitates a warm and friendly atmosphere and is encouraging around all experiences."


"I really enjoyed the course I recently embarked on, Julie is a great teacher and made us all feel welcome in the group. I was a bit worried about learning via zoom but Julie led the sessions really well with her extensive knowledge of the subject."


"I gained a deeper understanding of mindfulness with the ability to continue my practice going forward. I would highly recommend Just Breathe Solutions if you are interested in learning more about mindfulness."


"I would definitely recommend participating in Julie's (Just Breathe) Mindfulness 8 week course.  Julie provided a safe space for discussion, professionally lead and overall an enjoyable experience."


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  • MBLC - November Offer Price

    Mindfulness Based Living Course including certification from the Mindfulness Association.

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  • MBLC Standard Ticket via Zoom

    Mindfulness Based Living Course including certification from the Mindfulness Association

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